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On March 22, 2002, Liaoning Chengda signed "mall Carrefour Dalian Ltd. Equity Transfer Protocol" and "Shenyang Carrefour Supermarket Ltd. Equity Transfer Agreement" with Carrefour, which marked the formal beginning of company's joint venture cooperation with Carrefour.

French Carrefour is Europe's first and world's second-largest chain retailers. According to the world's top 500 rankings of "Fortune" magazine. French Carrefour ranked No. 32 in the world's top 500 of 2007 with 99.015 billion U.S. dollars of annual sales. At present, the Carrefour in China has opened 123 stores in 41 cities.

Through the joint efforts of both sides, Liaoning Chengda is only partner of Carrefour in Liaoning £¬Jilin £¬Heilongjiang and Zhejiang .Until now, Liaoning Chengda has opened 6 supermarket Limited companies with Carrefour in above 4 provinces. They are in Shenyang, Dalian, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Harbin and Changchun. There are 23 supermarkets belonging to these 6 companies. Liaoning Chengda share-participation in Carrefour is 35% in Shenyang, 35% in Dalian, 25% in Changchun, 17% in Harbin, 20% in Hangzhou and 20% in Ningbo. The company in Shenyang opens 7 Carrefour supermarkets, including 6 ones in Shenyang and one in Anshan. The company in Dalian opens 3 Carrefour supermarkets.  The company in Changchun opens 2 Carrefour supermarkets.  The company in Harbin opens 6 Carrefour supermarkets, including 5 ones in Harbin and One in Mudanjiang. The company in Hangzhou opens 2 Carrefour supermarkets, one is in Hangzhou and the other one is in Shaoxing. The company in Ningbo opens 3 Carrefour supermarkets.

Over the next few years, besides continuing the joint venture to set up large supermarket chains, the two sides will maximize the use of their available resources to explore the depth of cooperation and win-win approach and expand joint venture projects general effectiveness of Carrefour.