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Company shared of GF securities stock in April 1999, had 518 million Guangfa stoke which accounted for 25.941 percent of the total equity and becomes the major shareholder of the GF Securities.

GF Securities Co., Ltd. was one of the first batches of multi-type securities trader. Until December 31, 2006, the company's registered capital had been 2 billion; total assets reached RMB 34.265 billion; net assets were RMB 3.649 billion. It achieved main business revenue RMB 3.727 billion in 2006, total profit RMB1.812 billion, net profit RMB 1.227 billion.

The whole system has nearly 200 abroad sales networks,3000 in-service employees, more than 3 million customers to be served and the total assets to be managed of customers reach 200 billion yuan. Company holds Guangfa Huafu Securities Company Ltd., Guangfa Fund Management Co., Ltd.,Guangfa Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. and the Guangfa Holdings (HK) Limited four subsidiaries, and equity participation of E- FUND Management company. Initially formed a Financial Holdings Group that spanning securities , funds, futures etc.Since 1994, GF Securities had entered the ranks of the top ten securities trader for 12 years; the number of major underwriters ranked first in 2002; the amount of underwriting ranked second. GF was the first batch of enterprises obtaining the approval of National Ministry of Personnel to establishment of post-doctoral research station and the first Asia members units of the world era finance graduate school.

Investing GF Securities, Liaoning Chengda had profited 2.294 billion yuan in all from 1999 to the end of September 2007.Liaoning Chengda cooperated with GF securities that's considered as "doctor Corps" not only received good returns, but also better used and shared its human resources, market resources and opened up space for future deep-seated capital operation. Once GF Securities list, the company's economic strength and market competitiveness will step a new level.