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Jilin Chengda Hongsheng energy Co., Ltd. was established in December 2007,jointly incorporated by two large-scale enterprises, which were directly affiliated to the Liaoning Province national capital committee, Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd and Fuxin mining Group Holding Co., Ltd, with registered capital of RMB 3 million, 60% of shares are held by Liaoning Chengda, and Fuxin mining Group hold 40% shares. The company is located in Huadian city in Jilin Province, where has rich resources of high quality oil shale.

Liaoning Chengda and Fuxin mining Group gain a win-win co-operation and mutual advantage complement. Liaoning Chengda is a listed company and engages in International trade, medicine chain, bio-harmaceuticals, energy development, financial investment, business investment and etc. The Fuxin coal mine is one of the most important coal energy production bases established the earliest by our country. Fuxin mining Group is one of the influential and powerful large state-owned coal enterprises, professional and technical, which has lots of experience in coal excavation and deep coal processing.

Chengda Hongsheng's oil shale development is the focused investment project of Jilin province, had already been taken as province's priority construction and comprehensive development of Oil shale demonstration project, strong support was given by the government at the same time.

The company plans a total investment of 5.7 billion yuan for the oil shale comprehensive development project. The project adopts the "four-in-one" comprehensive development pattern of Mining, refinery, electricity generation, construction materials. After putting this pattern into production, annual production of oil shale will be 6,000,000 tons and shale oil 500,000 tons, by the way the heating and electric power for the whole city will be provided.

Until now RMB 500,000,000 has been invested, oil-shale mining of Gonghe, Gonglangtou, Dachengzi realizes production of industrial scale. Dry distillation factory for oil shale is in construction, many technology and equipment as well as the environmental protection craft have reached international advanced level, also the patents are applied to the national department concerned. Our company has carried out the strict environmental protection measure in the project plan and the construction, fulfilled the community responsibility as a listed company should do. As the construction being carried out high starting point, high standard, high efficiency, high speed is always our criterion, our company do its best to build a oil shale comprehensive development  demonstration project of our country that advanced technology is in use.

After the project is finished, estimated production of each year will bring sales income: RMB 5 billion; taxes: 740,000,000 Yuan and 10 thousand workers to be employed. The project also will bring benefit to the economic and the society as well as be in accordance with the national petroleum strategy to diversify their sources of supply. Generally speaking it has significance value of development. A reasonable industry chain will be built and all things will serve their proper purpose. The development of Our company's oil shale project will play an important role in promoting economic development of Huadian City, Jilin City even Jilin province.