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Building Excellent National Enterprise with World Leading Technology


Liaoning Cheng Da Biotechnology Co., Ltd (CDBIO) is a stated-holding company and was established in Jun., 2002 by introducing the platform of world¡¯s leading vaccine manufacturing technology. The company adheres to the philosophy of ¡°Responsible for life¡± and perseveres in the core value of ¡°Integrity and Responsibility" and dedicate to research, development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality biotech-products to build a trusted, respected and influential enterprise.

Through the technology cooperation and self research and development, CDBIO focuses on the manufacture and distribution of high quality vaccines. Currently, our manufacturing capacity is more than 40million doses for inactivated rabies vaccine for human use and 20 million doses for inactivated Japanese Encephalitis vaccine for human use.

SPEEDA?, which produced by bioreactor with perfusion cell culture technology, has broken up the monopoly situation for rabies vaccine product in Chinese Market by multinational company with long term. And all technical indexes could not only reach international advance level but some key indexes are in world¡¯s leading position. It has ranked No. 1 brand in Chinese Market and also approved in more than 15 countries including Thailand, Indian, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Georgia, Belarus and Kenya etc. As per statistic data, it has been vaccinated to more than 100 million persons and after full immunization, no failure case reported. Currently, SPEEDA? is the first choice for rabies pre-exposure or post-exposure prophylaxis in China.

The quality and technical indexes of JEVAC?, which also produced on the same technology platform , has relatively strong international competitiveness, especially, the vaccine contains no antibiotics and preservatives. Since it launched in 2008, the safety and immunogenicity of JEVAC? is well accepted by doctors.This vaccine has also been registered in Cambodia.

Further more, the independent developed product of ¡°Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Bivalent Vaccine¡± has also got approval for phase III clinical trials; The National Ministry of Agriculture has also issued the new drug certificate for inactivated rabies vaccine for veterinary use; we have also made significant technical breakthroughs for influenza vaccine for human use in our research pipeline. With subsequent high quality products launched into the market and leading technical indexes, these are expected to become a new profit growth point.

CDBIO¡ª¡ªTop Runner of Chinese Vaccine Industry