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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Liaoning Chengda Co.,Ltd (LCD), Liaoning Chengda Steel Co., Ltd was established in September 2004. Around the iron and steel industry chain, fully utilizing the capital, brand and professional advantages, we have obtained rapid growth in business scale and our business area has been extended to upstream and down stream supply chain of industry continuously. Trading business of bulk steel raw materials as the major business, iron and steel material sales and steel import & export business as accessorial business, nowadays, Chengda Steel, as the iron and steel trading enterprises, has initially formed a certain scale and influence in several areas. As the main varieties, our products related to coke, iron ore, billets, profiles material, building materials and deep processing steel products etc. After several years of effort, we have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with a number of suppliers of raw materials iron and steel companies and enterprises, such as Ulanhot Steel Co., Ltd., Tangshan Great Wall Iron and Steel Group Xinda Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Jilin Xinda Foundry Co., Ltd., Tangshan Baotai Steel Co., Ltd., Hebei Chunxing Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Risun Coking etc., and gradually formed the business structure which the Hebei region, the Northeast region and the eastern China as the core business areas.

Chengda Steel will continue to uphold the "integrity and honesty, benevolence and harmony" as the core values, to insist our enterprise mission of allowing employees to share business development results, creating the shareholders¡¯ value and growing with the customers together, we will continue to strengthen team building, process management, fine management, innovation and continuous improvement, to cultivate the core competitive ability by creating economies of scale, innovating business models and enhancing the professional level, for the purpose of forming an iron and steel circulation enterprises with sustainable development.

We will focus on "mutual trust, win-win" business philosophy to continue to create value for customers.